UI vs. UX What’s the difference between user interface and user experience

UI vs. UX What’s the difference between user interface and user experience
User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)- It’s almost used together as UI/UX. From the surface, both seem to be the same and are often used to describe the interface design of a website or mobile application. But the fact is that UI and UX are different but complete each other.
The best UI UX design services emphasize both the user experience and user interface when designing a website or mobile application.
If you are also among the many who think UI and UX are the same, let’s decode it for you here.

What is UX design?

UX design

UX is all about user experiences. It is how users interact with the interface. It is open-ended and asks the users what they want, need, and feel at every stage of their interaction with the interface.

While UI designers decide how the interface has to look, UX designers are concerned about how the interface operates. So, they decide the interface structure, functionality, and the interdependence of elements inside the interface. If the interface is for an e-commerce website or a mobile app, it has to be such that it enriches the user’s shopping experience. The navigation, the menu, the links on the clicks, UX involves a holistic understanding of the users’ needs and preferences in combination with the business needs.   

UX design is about the “why, what, and how” of product use. The Why involves the users’ motivation or the need for a product. The What addresses the things users can do with the product or its functionality. The How relates to the design of the functionality. It must be easily accessible and usable. So in total, UX design encompasses the entire user journey. 

UX design is not only about creating products that are usable and meet the user experience, it is about concentrating on efficiency and interaction too. A good UX design has to meet the user’s needs in the specific context where they use the product.

The goal of UX is to understand the users’ needs and refine the interface to close the gaps and improve customer experience.

Some of the points, a UX designer in web development services has to focus on are-

Usefulness- The app or website interface has to fulfill the user’s needs.

Desirability – The experience has to please the users and engage them to stay and interact on the website or app.

Accessibility– The app design has to be such that a user finds anything they want inside easily.  

Usability- The website or app has to be user-friendly. The speed, the navigation, the number of clicks to get a result, and the design familiarity play a crucial role in determining usability.  

Credibility- The app has to generate trust among the users. It can be demonstrated through transparent information and social proof.

Value- The interface has to present some value to the users. Otherwise, they will search for another better website or app.

UX designers stress wireframes and prototypes to refine the interface designing process. 

What is UI design?

UI design of an interface is how it looks to the users. It is the graphical layout of the application and includes visual elements, micro-interactions, and animations. . It is more concerned with aesthetics around elements, colors, fonts, buttons, background, menus, icons, and branding. The UI elements are the buttons users click on, the text entry fields, images, reading content, and other things that users interact with.

Some of the points for consideration for professional website design services in a UI design are-

Clarity- It is represented in language, flow, hierarchy, and visual elements in a website or app. The interface has to communicate the meaning, features, and functions clearly.

Familiarity- UI designers have to follow the best practices when designing the interface. Follow common practices in navigation, elements, CTAs, color association with buttons, and placement of elements for users to intuitively be familiar with the website or app.

Efficiency- A good interface has to allow the user what they want to do in the least amount of time.

The work of UI designers is to ensure that the visual elements in the interface feel united both in purpose and aesthetics.

What’s the difference between UI and UX?

What’s the difference between UI and UX
UI and UX have some similarities and differences. They complete each other and you cannot have one without the other. In an ideal website or mobile application design process, UX design comes before UI.

UI Design

UX Design

UI stands for User Interface

UX stands for User Experience

It is what the user sees while using a service or a product

It is the user’s experience

UI has an artistic component. It relates to the product’s interface.

It is more of a social component. It is used to establish communication with the clients.

UI design is focused on aesthetics that impact the quality of user interaction

UX is focused on solving problems across the user journey by accessing the purpose and functionality of the product

It is guiding users through an interface using interactive elements

It is developing and improving the quality of user interactions through elements

It is limited to the frontend or presentation layer of the interface that pertains to visual design and information design on the layout

It is a complete experience and involves both frontend and backend of the applications

It requires creative as well as critical thinking


It requires creativity and thinking based on logic and applying techniques

A UI designer works with the established patterns and best practices and even personal preferences for aesthetics.

A UX designer considers tangible data inputs about user personas, focus groups, and surveys.

UI design is based on user needs

It is more focused on clients and their business needs

UI designers create finished and polished designs where aesthetics is the focus.

UX designers create wireframes and prototypes where logic is of concern.

It is achieved through wireframes and prototyping

It requires layouts and mockups.

The goal of the UI design is to create a positive impression by creating a simple and efficient interaction 

The goal of the UX design is to improve user experiences across data points such as acquisition, retention, conversion, referral, and total lifetime value.


The UX design team focuses on the flow of the website or the mobile app. They determine the navigation buttons and the element functionality in relation to the customer’s needs. The UI designers focus on how the elements look on the screen. They find a way to adapt and configure the UX design.

Even though UI and UX are different, hiring professional website design services will ensure you have both of them covered. 

How do UI & UX work together?

How do UI & UX

We have already mentioned the differences between UI and UX. They are actually the intersecting forces that complement each other to complete a design. So, whether it is a website or a mobile application, both UI and UX together decide the interface design. 

As an analogy, UX can be considered as the architecture of a building where the focus is on features and functionality. UI is the interior design that adds the finishing touches, makes the property aesthetically pleasing, and helps the users understand the function and features of the building. As an analogy, UX can be considered as the architecture of a building where the focus is on features and functionality. UI is the interior design that adds the finishing touches, makes the property aesthetically pleasing, and helps the users understand the function and features of the building.
Hire the best UI UX design services to ensure the best design at all stages from the initial wireframe to the final deployment of the product.

In a nutshell

Despite the differences, both UI and UX are crucial to the success of a website or a mobile application. While hiring web development services, the UI and UX designers work in tandem to achieve one common goal.

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