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A wallet app is a personal expense tracker. It is used to feed in transactions, manage expenses and set budget goals. The advanced wallet apps sync bank account statements. This is reflected in the expenses and transactions of the wallet app.

At Houston IT Developers, we offer wallet app development services. Our wallet app development is designed to track and manage your expenses in an easy way. The wallet app UI design ensures that your expenses are neatly managed and your budget goals are met.

The best expense manager, a wallet app, tracks your cash flow across banks, cards, cash and mobile wallets.


Wallet app wireframe

The features in each page and the workflow are sorted when designing the wallet app wireframe. The elements are positioned on each page to aid a superior user experience. The design is hassle-free and without clutter with a neat understanding of the concept for the user.


Wallet app workflow

Houston IT Developers is an expert mobile app development company having expertise in mapping the wallet app business model on appropriate platforms like iOS and Android. We understand and design the wallet app workflow based on the business objectives of the customer.

Wallet app UI design

The wallet app UI design takes shape after the wireframe approval. The color, fonts, images and videos are all synced to form a wallet app that is the best in looks and functionality. Our UI/UX designers strive hard to make the app the best in its class that delivers a rich experience.
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Login & Sign up

A user can sign up for the wallet through their email id or any social media account profile.

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Bank account sync

The accounts of different banks can be synced to the wallet app to register the transactions.
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The user can set a daily, weekly or monthly budget to track expenses and keep them in check.
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The wallet app calculates the balance in the bank, cash, mobile wallet and cards.
Cash Flow

Cash Flow analysis

The wallet app offers charts for cash flow analysis. The money spent, categories on which it is spent, all are depicted in charts for easy reading.
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The spending spreadsheet along with the expense chart is shown. Also, you can list the top expenses based on categories.
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The transactions can be categorized based on the types of expenses or savings like restaurant, travel, grocery etc.
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File import

The cash transactions can be imported to the wallet app from an excel sheet in CSV format.
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Frequently asked questions

The category section while feeding the expenses is manual. The user has to select the category and fill in the expense. The category section can be customized to add more categories depending on each user’s expenses.

Yes, advanced wallet apps have provisions to sync the back transactions to the app. But it requires permission from the bank and strong security features in the app.
The expense analysis is shown through exclusive graph charts like the pie chart or the bar graph. The amount spent on each category, the total expenses in the month, comparisons between expenses of any two months, comparisons of category-wise spending for each month- all these can be custom-made as per your requirement in the wallet app development process.

Yes. The mobile wallet app or the e-wallet app like PayPal, Google Pay are all sophisticated apps that basically channel the fund transfer. The wallet app is a simple expense tracker app to help you track and manage your expenses. Customizations help in making the wallet app rich in user experience.

Yes, Houston IT Developers offers customizations on wallet apps for enterprise applications. An elaborate app that tracks and manages the enterprise expenses helps business owners in evaluating and tracking the budget. They can also design goals and see how effectively they are meeting their financial objectives.
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