Travel UI Design

Streamline your travel experience with Travel Go. This app will guide you throughout the trip, helping you to take care of all expenses and ensuring help is always on your fingertips.

01 Color and Typography

For a consistent navigation and usage experience, this would be the color scheme and fonts used throughout the app.
Fira sans

02 Wireframes

These are prototype screens of each feature of the app. WIth this, you get a rough idea of how the app would look from the end user’s perspective.

03 UI Designs

Information can be processed only when it is presented well. For the Travel Go App, we have designed each page to convey a message in a way the user expects.
Get Ready

Home screen

This has been designed to contain links to all features besides other important information that the end user would need most frequently.

Map Location

The Travel Go app comes with maps integration to help the users find their way and schedule their time in an unknown place.
map img

04 Screen

Here is how each of the mobile app’s features would look like. Minor changes can be made as and when necessary.