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This task management app is a useful collaboration tool to stay organized and ensure your team is being utilized in the correct ways to boost productivity and meet project deadlines.

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Main Screen

Color & Typography

The app design is kept minimal to help users focus on the app value. The colors and typography gel well with the app layout and branding. The typography follows a weight and size system to attract users’ attention to the required content.

Color & Typography

User Flow

The user flow is a schematic diagram of the task management app workflow in a digital format. The app designers and managers along with the client decide on the course of action a user takes within the app complete with the permutations and combinations.

User flow


The next crucial step in the app design is to convert the workflow to a mobile application format. The elements that go into each screen, their placing, and the navigation from one screen to another are all accounted for in the wireframe process.  

Wireframe Design

User Interface Design

After the wireframe design is vetted by the experts, it’s time to add color to the task management app. Each screen has its own uniqueness and they all get together as a whole to bring incredible user experiences.

Onboarding Screen
Onboarding Icon


The onboarding process is the first point of interaction of the user with the task management app. The aim is to make the user aware of the app’s value by listing crucial features and benefits through two to three impactful slider designs.

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After the onboarding sliders, the user is taken to the dashboard or the mobile app home screen. It gives an overall view of the app features and allows users to perform tasks for the users such as creating or viewing boards, forming teams, etc.

Dashboard Screen
Add Task Screen
Add Task Icon

Add Task

The main function of the task management app is to allow the user to create tasks. Different attributes needed to create tasks are provided in the app such as scheduling dates and priority for the task and adding members to it.

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Invite Member

The task management app is about teamwork as much as individual task completion. The app allows the user to create a task and invite members to join it by searching for names from the list. The team is then displayed below individual task detail.

Invite Member Screen
Work History Screen
Work History Icon

Work History

The work history is the section where all the activities the user performed for various tasks are listed. It also displays any task activity in which the user is a member. The user gets to know all the changes made to the tasks on their board.

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Message & Chat

The Chat section in the task management app allows users to chat with the team members. The user can send images, files, links, and documents to their team members over chats to help boost the productivity of tasks.

Message & Chat Screen
Work History Screen
Create Your Team Icon

Create Your Team

Other than assigning members to tasks, users can create their team and add members to it. The user can choose to keep the team public or private. They can also upload a logo as the display picture and keep a name for the team.   

Setting & Profile Icon

Settings & Profile

This section is basically exclusive to the user where they get to edit or modify some aspects of the app configuration and settings. They can also edit their personal details such as changing passwords or logging out of the account.    

Setting & Profile Screen

Frequently asked questions

A task management app is a tool for enterprises to assign, track, and collaborate with the team on projects. A user or the admin can create tasks, add and chat with team members while keeping a tab on the daily productivity and the tasks accomplished by each individual team member.

If a task management app is basic that includes minimum features, the project will be completed within 15 days to a month. If you want additional features in the app, the estimated time of completion will increase and it depends on the complexity of the features and integrations needed.

At Houston IT Developers, our cost for building a task management app is competitive. The cost price depends on a number of factors and there is no blanket price for any of the apps we design and develop. You tell us your requirements and we decide the best solution keeping the app features, functionality, and your budget in mind.

We first see if the enterprise tools can be integrated with the task management app. Each third-party software has its own features and our experts will evaluate the software first to see how it can be integrated into the app seamlessly.

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