Smart logo
Keep a track of all monetary transactions in real time. It helps you know your worth and allows you to make more informed buying and selling decisions.

Color and Typography

The Smart Wallet app uses a uniform font and design that helps give a professional and user-friendly look.


The Smart Wallet apps workflow has been designed to cover all its features easily so that the customer can navigate the app easily for what he wants.


Here, you will see how each page would look in real-time. With this you get an idea of the app’s usage experience.

User Signup

The user can sign up with his email ID, mobile number and other contact details.

Home Screen

Here, all important details which the customer needs to know is displayed along with the links for further use.
Home screen

Transaction screen

This has all the latest transactions done within a timeframe are shown for easy navigability.

Notification screen

Every small detail that the customer needs to know about his transactions or other details is shown in a user-friendly way with relevant links for further details,

Profile Screen

This contains all details of the user which may be edited as required.