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The on-demand scooter apps help people to switch to eco-friendly vehicles while commuting from place to another within a city. The business opportunity to provide e-scooters on rent is in the nascent stage of development but is lucrative.

Houston IT Developers helps you establish the e-scooter renting idea on the mobile platform by turning it into a business app. We build on-demand scooter renting apps for iOS & Android devices.

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Scooter app workflow

At Houston IT Developers, we set up the scooter app workflow to increase productivity and avoid lengthy feedback cycles. The logical flow of sequences is designed to manage the client’s expectations and understand its impact on the project’s scope.
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Scooter app wireframe

After setting up the overall structure, the scooter app wireframe establishes the visual idea of the mobile app. It lets us and the client visualize the app to see if the sequence flow from start to finish matches the business objectives.

Scooter app UI design

After setting up the content, the graphics are put in place with the scooter app UI design process. The elements on the page are made colorful, the fonts and images that highlight the app’s goals are inserted.

User Signup

The user creates an account in the app by signing up with their mobile number, email id and contact details.
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Map integration

The app tracks the user’s current location and locates the nearest scooter depending on the availability.
Map Integration
Select Scooter

Select scooter

The user can also select from the range of scooters available nearby. The specifications and mileage of the scooter with its images are displayed on each scooter page.

Payment gateway

The payment gateway integration in the app allows the user to pay through the mobile wallet, card or online banking
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Scan Code

Scan QR Code

The user scans the QR code and unlocks the vehicle. Alternatively, they can type in the vehicle’s ID number.

Social media integration

The users can share their ride status on their social media platforms through the on-demand scooter app.
Social Media

Frequently asked questions

E-scooter apps are developed on a subscription or on-demand rent-based model. In the on-demand rent-based model, the user locates the nearest scooter and rents it for the ride. The ride fare is decided on a per-minute basis and is calculated till the user parks the vehicle. In the subscription model, the user uses daily, monthly or yearly passes to ride the e-scooter.
At Houston IT Developers, we customize the app as per the customer’s needs. The tourist guide maps on the app based on the current user location help them explore the city. Also, you can add a brief about the city and its tourist locations. The traffic rules of the city are included in the app to educate the user.
Yes, the referral policy helps the app to get more downloads and new signups. At Houston IT Developers, we add custom features like referrals and special offers & passes when designing the app.
The on-demand scooter payment depends on the business model you need to implement. You can create your wallet and allow users to store money or minutes in it. The users can also buy daily, weekly or monthly passes or a limited duration pass. The Houston IT Developers team helps you to plan and design the payment wallet.
Yes, the GPS tracker fitted on the e-scooter helps the app track its current location. At Houston IT Developers, we program apps as per your specification. We can include any advanced feature in the on-demand scooter mobile app for business owners.
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