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Welcome to the world of magical fragrances. This perfume mobile application is a one-stop-shop for all perfume lovers to shop for their favorites. Browse from an exhaustive list of popular and unique perfumes from all over put together just for you in this app.

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The perfume app user interface clearly follows a consistent approach matching the branding as well as keeping the design simple and attractive for users to seamlessly engage with the app.

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The workflow of the perfume app from the start to finish is centered on the client’s business goal. The desired action that is expected from customers is well-defined through the app navigation and flow.

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This two-dimensional sketch serves as a visual guide and illustrates how the app works. The key screens and the interface elements are added to the app design layout to define the user journey and test the app.


The perfume app UI design neatly lays out the information, commands, and content to sync with the typography, colors, composition, and placement. The design considerations and functionalities are both taken care of.     

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Home Page

The home page is the fulcrum of the perfume app.
It is where the app comes to life for the user. This
app home page lists all the popular perfumes and irresistible
offers to lure users into continued engagement with the app.

Product Details

The product detail of each selected perfume is
displayed with complete information on the price,
quantity, quality, ratings, reviews, and others.
As the user scrolls down, combo offers and
suggested perfumes are also displayed.
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My Cart

The user’s cart displays the perfumes added to the
cart along with the price of it. The user can increase or
decrease the quantities. After reviewing the screen,
the user proceeds to pay for the items in the cart and check out.


The user has the option to add their favorite perfumes
or which they plan to buy later to a saved list.
This wish list can be accessed anytime the user wants to
from their profile section. A notification is displayed if the wishlist
item goes out of stock.
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Frequently asked questions

A basic e-commerce perfume app will have features such as wishlist, checkout, payment integration, profile settings, product collection, product page, sign-in, registration, and others. If you want an advanced app, you can add features such as cost comparison, multi-currency switching, international payment option, and even integrate it with your physical store.

Again, the cost of building a perfume app depends on the features you need in it. A basic perfume app is easy to make and costs less. Any additional feature raises the cost significantly depending on the technology needed and the expertise of the resources needed to build the app. Also, the time taken to complete the app is longer.   

Creating a perfume app takes about 15 days to a month. If you need advanced features or a multitude of features, the app completion time may range anywhere between 2 to 4 months. At Houston IT Developers, we have the expertise needed to build an advanced perfume app. You can contact us with your idea and we’ll give you an estimate of the cost and time.

Yes, you can launch the perfume app on Play Store or App Store, or both. If you need to launch it either on App Store or Play Store, a native app is recommended. If you want to launch it in both stores, a hybrid app or a cross-platform app is suitable and cost-effective. Get in touch with our experts at Houston IT Developers to discuss the perfume app deployment. 

Perfume Mobile App

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