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From schools and colleges to the mobile world, this online learning app changes the concept of teaching and introduces eager students to a whole new virtual classroom designed to make them understand the concepts and excel in academics.
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Color & Typography

The color and the fonts are chosen to be attractive and focused but not to overtly dominate the app design. A hierarchy is maintained in the font style for user attention. The color palette syncs with the branding.

Color & Typography

User Flow

The user journey through the app starts from the splash screen and proceeds through sign-up, course search, registration, payment, and course completion. The flow is seamless to deliver what the customers want in easy ways.
User Flow


The wireframe pretty much sums up the workflow in a mobile screen module. Each app screen is designed to connect to the user as well as the next screen seamlessly. The CTAs and elements are placed and tested for navigation and flow throughout the app.
Wireframe Design

Splash & Onboarding Screen

The Splash screen has the brand logo on a contrasting background. The onboarding process takes the users through the main app features in a few sliders. More importantly, it conveys the value it can deliver to the users.
Splash Screen

Login / Sign Up

The signup process is where the users register to use the app. It is done by entering their email id or through Facebook or Google credentials. The subsequent login is through the id and password. But once a user signs in, they remain so each time they open the app.
Login Sign up

Home Page

The home page or the app landing page displays categories and popular courses available for learning in the app. A search filter is provided at the top so that the user can quickly search for courses of their interest.
Home Screen


A student can explore the courses they want. Another alternative is to add their skills and interests and the app automatically suggests courses for them. The list usually has a brief of the course, the duration, and the fee details.
Search Screen

Course & Lesson

The user’s course section has complete details of the ongoing and completed courses. Each ongoing course has details of the chapters or hours completed. Again each chapter takes the user to the syllabus through video, audio, or text.
Course & Lesson Screen


Through the chat feature, the user can talk to their instructors or peers regarding course queries. The one-on-one chat allows them to share documents and files for assignment submission, query solving, and other issues.
Chat Screen

Video Call

The video call feature is for students to get in touch with the course instructors to resolve their queries regarding the subject. The students fix an appointment for a video call in the chat section and have it on the appointed date and time.
Video Call

My Profile

This profile section lists the user’s app activities such as courses and hours completed, chat section, notifications, profile settings, and so on. The user can change personal details and passwords from this section.
My Profile

Frequently asked questions

At Houston IT Developers, we have the expertise and resources to design and develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS. We are even proficient in developing cross-platform applications.

At Houston IT Developers, we are with the client and their ideas. If you don’t have a fully formulated idea for your app, you can definitely approach us and we’ll help you turn the idea into an engaging app just the way you want it to be.

Yes, we sign NDAs while developing the app. It is standard practice for us when working on projects with clients who necessitate discretion. We sign it before the advance of contract negotiations.

Yes, at Houston IT Developers, we build mobile applications that seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise software through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs help you to connect the existing database to the e-commerce app.

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