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Muz is here to decode banking for you and make it easy to manage your finances. This is an intuitive, easy-to-use app making your digital transactions fast, efficient, secure, 100% paperless, and entirely online. It’s time to take charge of your finances.

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Banking App Main Screen

Color & Typography

The color and the fonts selected gel well with the overall branding making it look simple, clean, and clutter-free. The content is kept bare minimum to help users understand the context. The fonts are sized according to their significance. The color & typography remain consistent throughout the app design.

Colour & Typography

Wireframe Design

Our developers understand the client’s business requirements and the need for the app. The wireframe depicts the app’s features and functions clearly.
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Sign up / Registration

Mobile banking apps need the highest security. Although we provide users to sign up using their email id, Google, or Facebook credentials, security is ensured through OTP and by enabling log-in through fingerprint and QR code scanning.

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The user dashboard is concise in design with priority features highlighted at the top. Users can easily click on them to go to a specific page. In addition to quick links, users can click on the hamburger menu in the top-left corner to reveal a functional side menu.

Home Screen
My Card

My card

This section contains your card details. You can add new cards and set a limit for each. It displays the card details like the name, CVV, and balance and also includes a section to view the transaction details in various categories for each card.

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Send Money

You can send money by selecting the contact and adding the transfer amount. You can schedule the payment on a set date. You can import contacts from your mobile contact list to add them as receivers.

Transaction & Offer

Transaction & offers

The Offer section has a list of offers you can get when you complete certain conditions in payment. This also has referral details. The transaction history gives you the transaction details completed in a specific time period.


ATM Center / Notification

Your location is identified using the geolocation service to help you find the nearest ATM location and even list the ATMs in and around your vicinity. You will receive important and even promotional notifications and this can be viewed in the Notifications section of the app.
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My Profile

The Profile Section of the app gives complete information on your personal details collected through the app. You can change your security pin and password here. You can also enable or disable fingerprint scanning.
My Profile Screen
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