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Houston IT Developers offers meetup clone app development services. We offer custom designs to suit your business sensibilities. You can make different types of meetup apps based on event booking, jobs, trekking, fitness, education, profession or any other. The scope of meetup apps is vast and you can easily customize it to add unique and interesting features.
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The meetup app workflow is fully based when you think from the user and sponsor’s perspective. A clear understanding of what a user would expect from such an app and what features would make him stay in the app kind of summarizes the strategy and subsequent workflow.


The meetup app wireframe offers a glimpse of what the client can expect at the final output. It clearly puts in place the workflow, the position of elements in each page when processed across all devices including mobiles, laptops or tablets.

UI / UX Design

The meetup app UI/UX has to be visually appealing to entice the user to search for events and join groups. At the same time, the design should be user-friendly offering seamless navigation and fast loading.

Signup & Login

The user can log in with their Google account or social media account without having to give the email or mobile number.

Search events & groups

Search feature for the user to search for events and groups based on category, location or dates.


Event details

On clicking the event, the event details are displayed along with the location, date & time with an option to book tickets.

Create events

As a registered user, you can create events by completing details like location, timing, date, price and description.


Invite Friends

Event invites other friends from their contact list to sign up for the app. Event is rewarded for getting friends to sign up.

Payment options

The payment will be to book tickets as well as for subscriptions if you opt for the subscription-based model.



The user profile shows the event list, groups list of the user and allows the change of location and other profile details.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for sure we can customize the meetup app development based on your ideas and requirements. We can design a job meetup app that will help users find jobs nearby based on their skill sets and give them the option to create or join groups for common skill sets.
The meetup app is customizable and has a wide scope of conceptualization. It can be used for hiking meetups, fitness meetups, tech meetups, photography meetups, networking meetups and anything like these.
The meetup app is primarily built to promote events. You can add the event promotion feature in the app. We can also integrate analytics into it to help the user study the reach of the promoted event.
Yes, we can offer integration of a third-party email tool to the app so that you send event details to your clients.
We can allow the sponsors to login and create events or allow only the admin to create and manage events. This is entirely up to your needs. As an admin, you can also limit the amount of access you are willing to give to the sponsors.
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