With the increase in online shopping, the ancillary unit that has seen the maximum growth is the logistics sector. The established online service providers have their own logistics support. But the other numerous online retailers depend on the best logistics companies to deliver goods to their customers.

Houston IT Developers, a mobile app development company, offers the best logistics app development services aimed at helping businesses establish their brand and get more customers so as to grow revenues through sales and profit.

Our mobile app developers have a clear understanding of the business requirements. They deliver exceptional solutions through logistics app design & development processes.


Style Guide

We wanted to choose a bright and eye-pleasing color palette and readable front, as the application will be used all phone sizes.


A logistics app contains plenty of information. The task of the mobile app developers at Houston IT Developers is to reduce the difficulty of the functionality and make things easy and simple. The logistics app workflow is designed to offer full functionality in an intuitive way.  


The logistics app wireframe starts with the grouping of relevant fields and elements on the page. This reduces the chance of errors. A pattern is established based on the logistics app workflow. The focus is on the visibility of important tasks and user-friendliness.

UI/UX Design

The color palette, background and typography in the logistics app UI design are so chosen to match the logo of the business. This reinforces the brand identity and supports their business goals. The mobile app UI/UX designers at Houston IT Developers are experts in mobile app designing.


Sign up / Login

The users register with their email id or through their social media account.

User Interface

Main Dashboard & Menu

The main screen includes your order progress, total orders, your services, tracking parcels, and information about the latest orders. In this way, users can access other features via the menu.

User Interface

Rating & Reviews

The ratings and reviews for the driver are based on punctuality, behavior and other necessary factors to keep a track of their performance.

User Interface

Order creation & Details

Users can easily check the sender and receive contact details, delivery date, name of goods, or estimated delivery time And the process of creating an order is divided into several steps in order to focus users at all stages.

User Interface


The tracking feature allows both the sender and the receiver to know the exact location of the product.

User Interface


The user has the opportunity to check his logistics departments. Each delivery truck is equipped with a GPS transmitter, which allows users to track the movement of the parcel on the map.

User Interface

Live chats

The live chat is used for resolving any urgent queries regarding the shipment, payment or tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Houston It Developers offers plant identification app development services. The plant scanner app helps users identify the plants by simply clicking its photo and uploading it into the app. The plant name finder app identifies the plant through its repository or its community. The individual in the community is rewarded for identification success. There are many unique features that can be implemented in plant identification app development.

The plant watering app consists of the user uploading images of plants in their home or office. A time is fixed for each plant. A reminder is sent through the app for the user to water the plant. Features such as fertilizing and spraying can also be scheduled. Houston It Developers offers plant watering app development services with a full focus on added features and user functionality.

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The plant care app is a comprehensive app that provides vast information about plant care to the user. It provides features like watering reminder, spraying reminder, plant care details, plant light meter, plant suggestions for the home based on light, plant identification and so on. If you are a plant lover and want to have a plant care app developed, you can end endless features in the app. Houston It Developers will help you with the plant care app development.

A plant nursery app lists all the plant nurseries available near the user’s location. At Houston It Developers we offer services in plant nursery app design and development.

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