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Now, it’s easy to plan your perfect stay with our hotel booking app. Browse through a range of options, check for reviews, select one that best suits your budget, pay for the room, and get your stay confirmed in a hotel of your choice!
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The colors and fonts chosen for the app perfectly gel with the branding elements. The font is clear and the colors enhance the overall look allowing for a clean distinction of content and elements within the hotel booking app.
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Wireframe Design

The client’s business goals and user requirements are interspersed to form an app workflow. The app elements guide the user screen-by-screen to complete the desired action quickly and in a hassle-free manner without any glitches.
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Our App Screen

Login Screen
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Login Screen

The onboarding starts with the app sign-up requirement. The user enters their email id, Facebook, or Google id and creates a unique strong password. Reentering the app requires signing in through the user id and password.
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Home Screen

The app user gets to view popular hotels based on user location on the home screen. They are listed on a slider for better visual representation. Below, they are listed based on the room availability and the rates.
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Search Screen
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The app has a search feature to list the hotels based on name and location. The user can narrow down the search further depending on the distance, rates, and dates. The sort feature can be used to list the hotels based on user preference.
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Hotel Details

When the user clicks on any hotel, its details are listed such as its address, overview, available facilities, ratings, and reviews. You can limit the details to be shown to the user on the page and then add a See More+ button to expand it.
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Hotel Details Screen
Check In Details Screen
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Check-in Details

If the user wants to book their stay in a hotel, they have to select the available dates for check-in and check-out. It is followed by adding personal details needed for booking confirmation such as name, contact number, room type, number of persons, and so on.
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Details Review

Before making the final payment to confirm the booking, the user is asked to view the booking details such as the rooms booked, the dates, the payment, the number of persons staying, extra facilities, and others. If it is okay, the user proceeds to make the payment.
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Hotel Details Screen
Check In Details Screen
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The hotel booking app offers varied payment choices to the user. The user fills in details to make the payment successful. They have the option to save the card details, if needed, for future transactions.
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My Profile

Users can view their booking history, favorites, points collected through bookings, and other details in the My Profile section. They can also edit their personal information such as name, card information, and address, and save it for future reference.
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