ForTheMartyrs Website

For The Martyrs is a website dedicated to various activities to raise donations to a cause. The website is minimalistic and designed to have an impact on the audience about the message it intends to deliver.


The wireframe is the basic structure of this website containing the placing of elements and content in each page. It gives an idea of the spacing and navigation from one page to another.

Website Design

After the approval of the wireframe, the elements, visual content, typography, and colors are incorporated into the website in the designing process to sync with the brand image.

Give Screen

The Give Screen is impactful and delivers the message visually and in a concise text format. The “Donate Now’ button is placed strategically to make the maximum viewer impact.

Shop Screen

The Shop screen is straightforward just like any other shopping app product page. The Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons offer easy checkout options for the customers.
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