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Food Point- Food Delivery App

Why to go to the restaurant when the same food can be delivered to you? The Food Point app lets users relish any delicacies from eateries within their cities
main screen

Design Process

design process

Color and Typography

For this app, we have chosen a color scheme and font that helps induce hunger. This color scheme and font type is uniform across the app.
style guide


Here is a step-by-step process of ordering food and getting it delivered within a set timeframe.


This is the tentative look of each feature of the app. It could be easier to make any changes to the wireframe than the app’s actual look.
wire frame

UI design

This is how each page of the app would look like. This gives us an idea of what the customers can expect from the app.

Home screen

This summarizes all the app’s features with links for further navigation of features to the app.


Besides making it easier for users to search what they want, the categories page can also act as a marketing tool to promote certain cuisines.
catagory images

Add to Cart

Besides summarizing all the items to be bought, this feature allows users to tweak their orders before making a purchase.

Track Order

Perhaps the most important feature, it helps estimate the time taken for the parcel to reach the user. In case the delivery boy can’t get the address, the user can guide him accordingly.

All Screen

ui screen