Flight Booking App

Booking flight tickets can be quite cumbersome, especially if you’re looking for the best deal or the best service. With this Flight Booking App, you can compare prices and timings and book your tickets at your convenience.

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Color & Typography

To ensure a seamless, user-friendly, and intuitive UX, we have chosen the following
colors and typography hierarchy uniformly across the app.
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Color Code
Gilroy Font

User Flow

For the users to complete their intended tasks(booking a flight ticket), here are the steps
the users will go through. The entire process is optimized to ensure easy use for everyone.
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User Flow Design

Wireframe Design

Each step has its own window for easy onboarding. The user can input the details
and read the instructions to understand how to use the app effectively.
Wireframe Design

Onboarding Screen

The onboarding screens are the first things that the users see when they launch
your application
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Sign in & Sign up

On downloading the app, the user can sign up directly with their Google or Apple Accounts or sign up with any other email ID. Subsequently, they can sign in directly by their Google/Apple accounts or by punching in their email ID credentials.
Sign in & Sign up Screen
Home Screen
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Once done, they can immediately enter their desired travel details. If the user is looking for a bargain deal, the app will suggest popular places they could choose too.

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Available Flights

Upon entering their travel details, the app shows the various flight options they have within their travel dates.

Available Flights Screen
Home Screen
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Search Flights

If there are many options available, the user can filter the flights to choose the ones that matter to them.

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Choose Seats

Once the desired flight is chosen, the next step would be to choose the required seats from the options available. The required details of the seats chosen are shown for ease of use.

Choose Seats
Home Screen
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Book Flight

Once the user has chosen the seats, he can then proceed to add other details as required and confirm them to move to payment methods.

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Payment Methods

Here the user can choose to make the payment as per the payment
methods available.
Choose Seats
Boarding Pass Screen
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Boarding Pass

Upon confirmation of payment, the user would get a system-generated boarding pass which can be shared and downloaded.

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Profile & Settings

Besides booking tickets, the user can change/adjust some of his details as per requirement. This could be changing his user ID, password, or other details.

Profile & Settings Screen

Frequently asked questions

This depends on a variety of factors. It is next to impossible to give you an exact figure. The cost depends on the complexity of the app along with the various third-party integrations and features needed to complete the app. Based on your requirements, we can give you an estimate for the same.

Again, the app’s complexity will decide this. If and when bugs or errors arise, solving these could take unexpected time. Usually, we give an estimated time of about 2-3 months. If you need any additional features or updates, the time needed to complete the app would increase.

Yes, we could make an app for both Android and iOS operating systems. This is easy, cost-effective, and efficient. For more information, please avail a free consultation with our experts at Houston IT Developers.

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