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Get fit, get healthy without going to the gym! This app has all the workout secrets including dedicated fitness trainers and diet plans to help you become healthy and strong from the confines of your home.

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Color & Typography

The color and typography are so chosen so as to make the fitness app’s usability and readability easier. The selection of colors and typography follow a hierarchy that defines the values of the brand.

Color & Typography

User Flow

The sequence of actions that users perform once they enter the app is planned to be seamless, reduce friction, and enhance their experiences. We optimize each screen for simplicity and effectiveness

User Flow Design


After mapping out a target user flow, sketches are created to form an app foundation. These
low-fidelity sketches help designers to decide on the elements inside each screen and their position.

Onboarding Screen

The onboarding process is simple. A series of sliders give a quick glimpse of what users
can expect inside the app. The core features are highlighted to make the users excited to engage with the app.
Onboarding Screen

01Sign in & Sign up

The registration or the user sign-up process is through an email id or Google/Apple account.
A strong password and an OTP on the registered mobile number are used for enhanced security.
01 Sign In & Sign up Screen


The home page of the fitness app is where the users begin to engage with the app. It has popular workout tutorials and suggested videos. The menu bar gives users quick access to the app features.

02 Home Screen
03 Health Screen


The Health section is to encourage the app users to set up their own health schedules for each day of the week. It also has health tip blogs and videos to guide the users on their fitness journey.


The user has the option to search for their courses. The results are listed with their reviews and the time needed for completion. The user can click on any of the courses to get their details.

04 Courses Screen

Fitness Instructor

User can also select their fitness instructors from the list. Each instructor has their specialty, ratings, and experience listed. The user clicks on any to get more details to help them in their hiring decision.

Book Appointment

The app user books an appointment with their favorite fitness instructor or dietician. The process is simple and quick with the user selecting a date and time from the available slots.

06 Book Appointment Screen
07 Workout Tracker Screen

Workout Tracker

The workout tracker keeps a tab on the user’s workout goals. It encourages them to complete their activities through rewards. It also helps the users to keep track of their everyday fitness goals.

Diet Plan

Diet is also included in the fitness app for the user’s benefit. Healthy recipes are listed on the app. A nutrition chart listing the diet food requirement for each time of the day is scheduled for the user.

08 Diet Plan Screen
09 Chat Screen


The chat feature allows users to chat with their fitness instructors or dieticians on the task progress and other queries. The app owner can use it to send messages on new launches or event invitations.

Payment Method

The payment for any in-app purchases is done with the help of secured third-party payment processes. The users select one from varied payment options including cards, mobile wallets, and internet banking.
10 Payment Method Screen
10 Payment Method Screen


The profile section is straightforward where the user can view all their cumulative fitness activities in real-time. The user can edit their personal details or the saved card information from this section.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we certainly can! At Houston IT Developers, we build comprehensive mobile apps for Android and iOS. So, you can choose to build a niche app or have a super fitness app with many features such as diet and nutrition, fitness, activity tracking, personal training, yoga & meditation, and much more. It all depends on your business plan and goals. We ensure that we build a mobile app to attain your business goal.

Yes, wearable app development is different from other normal mobile app development processes. There are four main interaction points for wearable apps- watch UI, notifications, standalone wearable apps, and voice commands. The smartwatch app development follows a different tech stack model and we have the resources at hand, at Houston IT Developers, to create a fitness app that supports wearable devices.

The cost to build a fitness mobile app will depend on the features you need in the app. As we have mentioned earlier, the fitness app category in itself is broad and you can make it an all-in-one app by including several features. But again, if you are catering to a specific type of audience or category, then a simple fitness app will suffice. Please feel free to discuss your idea so that we can give you an estimate regarding the cost to build a fitness mobile app.

Yes, we have expertise in building native apps for Android and iOS. We also have a team adept at building a cross-platform app as per your needs. Our mobile app team for the fitness app project usually consists of 2 UI/UX designers, 3 developers, 1 test engineer, 1 QA engineer, and 1 project manager. The numbers may vary depending on the complexity of the app.

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