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Now, manage your finances on the go with this finance mobile app. Pay to anyone securely through your mobile wallet. Get your financial reports as and when required. Micro-manage your expenses and get yourself ready for your financial freedom.

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Color & Typography

We choose colors and fonts that guide the users to complete the task without any disturbance. The colors and fonts follow a hierarchy and weight system to highlight the focus points inside the app.

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User Flow

The app user flow is the path taken by the user when on the app to complete an intended task. A well-designed flow gets users what they want instantly while taking care of the client’s business goals.

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Wireframe Design

At Houston IT Developers, our expert app UI/UX designers create app wireframe templates to lay out the structure and functionality of the app showing user flow and interaction between elements.

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Onboarding Screen

The onboarding screen is to give users a quick tour of the key features or the USP of the app. The idea is to help them know what they can expect from the app and decide if it’s worth using.

Sign in & Sign up

A finance mobile app requires an additional layer of security, and this is done during the user sign-up or registration. The security is enhanced by a two-stage identification every time the user signs in.

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Home Page

The home page is the heart of the finance app. It’s where a user will find themselves each time they open the app. We make it user-friendly and give them quick access to all the crucial features from here.

New Transaction

This section is where the user feeds all the transactions in an organized manner.
There are a bunch of activities we provide here for easy organization and management of finances for the user.

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My Wallet

My Wallet section reflects the financial transaction and balance in a graphical form for easy user comprehension. The user is given two options, either to view the monthly balance or all time.

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Financial Statement

A user can generate financial reports for a chosen period like monthly, yearly, weekly, or for a custom period. The income, as well as expenses, are depicted in an easy-to-read graph format.

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The setting section allows registered users to manage their wallet permissions. They can add/remove wallet users or change their passwords from here. There are other app settings too here.

Setting Screen

Frequently asked questions

At Houston IT Developers, we are experts in designing various use-case finance apps. The several types of finance mobile applications we design are expense trackers, budget management, cash flow, and personal finance.

Easy finance apps or basic apps such as expense trackers or personal finance apps take less time to build and are completed within 2-3 months. But advanced apps related to transactions or payments take at least 3 months to complete and it again depends on the complexity of the app and its features.

Yes, at Houston IT Developers, we are proficient in building finance apps for the iOS platform. If your requirement entails an app for Android too, a cross-platform app is cost-effective and the best option. But if your target audience uses iPhone, it’s always best to go with a native app.

For sure, the rates for finance app development at Houston IT Developers are competitive with full assurance of a functional app just the way you like it to be. We provide custom mobile app development, and our rates are flexible and depend on many factors such as platform, features, and app complexity, to name a few. But rest assured, the app will be the best.  

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