Ecommerce website design

An e-commerce website opens the door of online selling opportunities for businesses big or small. To attract customers to the site, the e-commerce website design has to be perfect and immaculate.

If you are looking for the best ecommerce website design services, let your choice be Houston It Developers. We provide e-commerce website design services with custom packages for you to select. From database integration to Google Analytics, we set up the entire online store so that you can just sit and relax to watch the sales and profits.

Colors & Typography



The e-commerce website design wireframe is started once the logical flow is understood. Designing web pages and placing elements on each page is crucial for the perfect e-commerce website design wireframe.


UI Design

Once the wireframe design is okay, the e-commerce website design UI starts over with the amalgamation of typography, colors, background, elements, and buttons. The best e-commerce website design practices are followed at Houston It Developers by our UI/UX designers.

User signup / login

The user signs up using an email id or through any provided social media accounts. The subsequent login is from the selected signup.

User panel

The user panel or the homepage consists of product suggestions, deals and product categories and user profile settings.

Product category

The products are categorized and listed for easy search. The categories can be based on types, price and many such parameters.

Product details

The product details like the price, specifications, manufacturer, seller, ratings & reviews are displayed in this section.

Payment options

The user is given various payment options like card, mobile wallet, cash on delivery, pay now pay later, netbanking and so on.

Discounts & offers

Discounts and offers are displayed for each product or offers can be applied on checkout.


The search feature helps the user to narrow down the search query and look only for relevant and related products.


Related items

To increase the cumulative user experience, this feature displays products related to the items the users are viewing.


Each product display page will have the contact details of the seller. The live chat or the chats for ordered items is also enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, any e-commerce website design and development has database integration for better inventory management.
Yes, we can customize analytics in e-commerce website development services. Platforms like WordPress and Shopify have their own analytics section from where you can view the sales and growth figures.

No, the SEO is charged separately. It is not included in the e-commerce website design services package. But, we have SEO experts at Houston It Developers. We can integrate the services in e-commerce website design at a lesser price for you. We can also integrate SEO plugins in the e-commerce website design.

Yes. At Houston It Developers, we offer e-commerce website design services for both B2B and B2C platforms. As a matter of fact, our developers have expertise in designing both platforms. Get in touch with us for your B2C e-commerce website development today.

There is no one-size-fits-all package for e-commerce website design services. We let you know of the e-commerce website design cost when we are familiar with your business idea. Once we discuss it, we send you a proposal that includes the e-commerce website design and development costs.

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