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Shop your hearts out on this incredible e-shop. Browse through thousands of products, search for your favorite, view product details, make fast payments, and track your order, all with ease with this e-commerce mobile app.

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Typography & Color

The font and color are chosen as per the content in the app and in sync with the branding. The font size and weight vary to create a hierarchy. Plenty of white space in between avoids clutter and keeps the design minimal and clean.

Inter Font
The client’s business needs from the app are converted into a workflow. The different paths in the workflow seamlessly merge with the main goal of making sales. The main aim is to guide the users from the initial sign-up to the final checkout.
Workflow Design
The workflow is given an app wireframe structure and it is the first step in the app visualization.The placing of content, elements, and banners along with the navigation is discussed and decided. The wireframe can be called the app foundation.
Wireframe Design
Splash & Onboarding
The Splash screen is a simple screen that introduces the viewers to the brand. The onboarding process is simple and meaningful.The main value benefits of the app are displayed on 3-4 sliders before the user is guided to the app signing up.
Splash & Onboarding Screen
Sign In & Sign Up
The signup process is also pretty straightforward. The user can sign up for the app with their email id or using their Google or Facebook credentials. A password is set and can be verified through an OTP sent on the registered mobile number.
Search Screen

The landing page of the app is the home screen. The fold above the screen has slider banners informing users of the latest deals and offers. A search bar at the top is to help them view products  of their choice. Product recommendations start soon after the banner display.

Home Screen
The user can type in any product category to narrow down the search. Another advanced feature introduced in the app is the search by photo. The user can upload photos from their gallery and search for similar items.
Search Screen
The product collection screen lists the products in a grid format with the price and a Buy Now CTA. The individual product page has details of the product including images, videos, description, price, shipping costs, and much more.
Product Screen
The user can click on a product and opt to buy it directly. Else, they can add the product to the cart. From the cart, the user is taken through an easy checkout process. It is complete when the payment processing is successful.
Checkout Screen
The user has to select a payment process from different options given at the time of checkout. The app takes the user through a secure payment processor where the payment is initiated and completed to confirm the order.
Payment Screen
My Profile
In the profile section, the user can view all the app activities and track their orders. They can also edit their personal details or the saved payment methods. The other features provided are favorites, previous order history, app settings, and more.
My Profile Screen

Frequently asked questions

At Houston IT Developers, we have the expertise and resources to design and develop native mobile applications for Android and iOS. We are even proficient in developing cross-platform applications.

At Houston IT Developers, we are with the client and their ideas. If you don’t have a fully formulated idea for your app, you can definitely approach us and we’ll help you turn the idea into an engaging app just the way you want it to be.

Yes, we sign NDAs while developing the app. It is standard practice for us when working on projects with clients who necessitate discretion. We sign it before the advance of contract negotiations.

Yes, at Houston IT Developers, we build mobile applications that seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise software through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). These APIs help you to connect the existing database to the e-commerce app.

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