E-commerce Home Delivery App

Search for your favorite items, order them fast, and we’ll have them delivered to your homes! This e-commerce app has a lot of fun features to make your shopping experience fun and exciting.

Opt for same-day delivery or slot-based delivery. We have it delivered at your convenience. Electronics, personal care, home appliances, grocery, medicines, apparel, and lifestyle products, select from an exhaustive product list and shop unlimited till your heart desires.

This e-commerce app offers varied payment options, powerful search and filter, personalized notifications, and fast checkout. Download this e-commerce home delivery app and get access to shop for an endless list of products from the confines of your home.
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The app workflow routes the user journey along a path until an item in the process is completed. At Houston IT Developers, the team sits together and charts the workflow based on the client’s business goals.


E-commerce Home Delivery App Wireframe

The mobile app wireframe acts as an intermediary between the low-fidelity sketches and the first interactive prototypes. Our app designers create a flow between the screens and define its functional representation.

E-commerce Home Delivery App UI/UX Design

Houston IT Developers specializes in mobile app UI/UX design trying to focus on what the users will see when trying to complete a single task. We think about the context behind user actions while designing the app interface.

E-commerce Home Delivery App Features

We deeply explore multiple layout ideas, concepts, workflows, and user interfaces leading to a process of building a fully functional, intuitive, user-friendly e-commerce mobile app complete with advanced features.
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Signup & Login

The user requires to sign up or register on the app before making a purchase. It helps them to get access to various app features such as push notifications, order tracking, saving card payment, address & shipping details, and so on.

Home Page

The e-commerce home delivery app home page is well-defined with all necessary features easily accessible through the side and bottom menu. Offers & discounts for products are displayed first and then the categories.
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Product Collection Page

The product collection page displays all products in a particular category. A search feature helps the user search for their product or product category. The user then further narrows down the results using the filter option.

Product Details Page

The product detail page has product information like price, offers, ratings & reviews, description, images & videos, specifications, and shipping charges. The user can save it to the “Favorite” list, add it to the cart, or buy it now.

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My cart & Favorite

My Cart section is where all the added products are displayed. The user can proceed to buy them, save them in their Favorite list to buy later, or delete them if not needed. The Favorite list can be accessed any number of times by the user.

Payment & Add New Card

The user is given varied payment options on the app such as cash on delivery, internet banking, card transaction, mobile wallet, and others. The app stores the card details for the user to complete the payment fast.
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Side Menu & Review

Other than the bottom menu, the user can access the app features in the side menu. It gives them quick access to their profile, notifications, and help section. The user can submit a review for any purchased product in the order section.

User Profile

The user profile section is where all the personal details given by the user to the app are stored. From here, the user gets access to view the order history, change the delivery address or the saved card information, and edit personal details.

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Frequently asked questions

You can make your e-commerce app unique by adding advanced features to it. Some of the advanced features are AI-based product recommendation, Augmented Reality (AR), voice assistant, fast checkout, progress bar, one-touch customer support, and so on. If budget and time are constraints, you can start with simple features and keep adding additional features as your business grows.
The time taken to complete building an e-commerce app is usually between 2 to 6 months. A simple e-commerce app with basic features takes lesser time than an app with advanced features. Also, the expertise of the team counts. At Houston IT Developers, we have a team of expert app designers and developers who will put together an e-commerce app fast.
There are several factors to be considered while estimating the cost of an e-commerce app. Your business goal and the features you need in your app are crucial. Based on this, we decide on the technology stack and the team. If you need advanced features, we have to engage the best app designers and developers for your app. If the features are basic, we complete creating the app in lesser time reducing the development costs. The cost of developing an e-commerce app can range anywhere between $20,000 and $60,000.
Yes, you can opt to have an iOS or Android or a cross-platform app depending on your target audience. Preferring to build an iOS app helps you to tap the native device capabilities. But building a cross-platform e-commerce app saves you time and money. A native app is preferable when you are building a gaming app. Otherwise, we would suggest you go with a cross-platform e-commerce app.
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