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Now, finding the right specialist doctor and booking an appointment is easy with the Doctor app. Read doctor profiles, view ratings, and find a doctor that best suits your needs.
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01 Color and Typography

To maintain uniformity, we use a single color scheme and font across the app.
Style Guide

02 Wireframe

This is what each feature of the app would look like. Before the app goes live, we can make changes to this as and when needed.

03 Workflow

This is the step-by-step process from download until the customer books an appointment.

3 Register

The first step after downloading would be getting the user to register with his contact details.

2 Login

Once registered, he can then log in with his email ID and password.

1 Splash Screen

Once registration is done, the app would load with this splash screen.
doctor register

4 Select Speciality

The user can select a doctor through specialty or directly through the search option.

5 Select Doctor

The user can select a doctor from a list after reading his profile and credentials.

6 Select Speciality

Based on a time suitable to him, the user can select a time for an appointment

7 Appointment booked

The user can then book an appointment with a doctor based on a time when he is available.

04.UI design

Here is what each feature’s design would look like. The design has been created for easy navigability and use of the app.