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6 Google Search trends SEOs need to strategize for in 2024

Google can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to new SEO guidelines or search updates that it releases regularly. Besides working on improving website rankings, SEO services in USA and independent SEO analysts have to constantly keep themselves abreast of the various SEO features and trends to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

As we are well aware, Google will never reveal its detailed ranking factors, it will only reveal what can influence the factors. This makes the SEO analyst’s job quite challenging, as he has to come up with creative ways to outrank his competitors. 

This makes Search Engine Optimization one of the most dynamic, creative, challenging, and domain-intensive job within the Digital Marketing Servicesrealm. Just like anyone in the fast-evolving technology realm, SEO guys need to constantly be on their feet with newer strategies to get the better of the competition. In 2022, SEO guys have had to embrace the following trends to compete with their peers-

User Experience continues to be important

For Google, User Experience continues to be extremely important when it comes to ranking websites in the SERPs. Though User Experience-based rankings are nothing new, Google has strengthened the criteria for user experience to include page experience signals as a crucial ranking factor.
Page experience signals refer to factors like user security, site load speed, consistency in website layout, lack of disruptive pop-ups, and much more. Besides this, the way links between websites work has also been modified. This is in line with Google’s endeavor to check spammy link-building to artificially boost page ranking.

Rich Results

Google SERPs have evolved significantly over the years. In 2022, we now have user-friendly search results that answer questions, videos, product ratings, recipe results, and much more that are relevant to the search result. Here, SEOs now have their work cut out where their aim is not only to be at the top of the SERPs but also to represent their website in the rich search-friendly features that Google now presents in each search result.

Video: the next thing in search

Google is placing much more emphasis on video search results. As Google owns YouTube, content posted on its platform along with other video content is increasingly seeing more traffic as people tend to prefer viewing videos over visiting websites. That’s not all, Google even helps people search for content within videos for whatever they’re looking for, making video optimization all the more important for SEOs and content marketing.

Ecommerce search (shopping results)

Just as video is seeing an increased emphasis in the search results, Google has made it much simpler for people to shop online directly through the search result pages. Whenever you search for an item you intend to buy, Google now displays a whole carousel of options for you to choose from. Google has said, in a blog post, that it wants to aid e-shoppers to choose the right product right from the search page results. In this regard, Google has made shopping results on its SERPs free for retail businesses, opening a whole new set of opportunities for SEOs and digital marketers to tap the immense potential of online shopping. For this, e-commerce website SEOs have to take extra care in their efforts to rank individual products higher in the SERPs.

Google Discover

Google now offers a customized news and content feed on Chrome browsers and the Google home page on select devices. All indexed web pages are eligible to be featured on Google discover feeds as long as they do not violate any policies. Though Google Discover isn’t related to Google Search Results, the exposure available via Google Discover makes this a worthy addition to the list. As this is a great way to increase web traffic, SEOs do whatever they can to increase their most traffic-generating webpages to the Google Discovery feed.

Multimodal search

Google is now going a step forward when it comes to complex search requests. From purely text search requests to now having a voice, image, and even video search requests, it has come a long way. With almost everyone having a smartphone, Google’s next step is combining text, image, and voice search requests to help people find what they require.

Though this technology is pretty much in its infancy, SEOs would need to follow Google’s developments closely to prepare, strategize and deploy an SEO strategy that gets their digital asset to the top of any type of search made in Google through any medium.

This also means the whole PPC ads deployment would become quite complicated. PPC Services in USA, and all over the world, would have to go to great lengths to cater to their client’s demands and use Google’s PPC ad services in their best interests.

In the end

Considering the dynamic and ever-changing Google search ranking guidelines, the job of anyone working as a Search Engine Optimizer can be pretty challenging. Not only would an SEO team require experience, know-how, and the need to stay a step ahead of the competitors, but they would also need to work doubly hard to keep up with Google’s evolving SEO guidelines. At Houston IT Developers, their team of SEO experts, UI/UX experts, and other technical and creative skilled professionals know just how to rank a website just as per visitors’ and clients’ expectations. Contact them today to know how!

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