10 PPC Trends to stay a step ahead of the competition

10 PPC Trends to stay a step ahead of the competition

You want to get the most out of your PPC budget. If that is so, why are you still doing what others are doing? With advancements in PPC marketing, why not use the latest trends and technologies to stay a step ahead? Pay Per Click Management Services have seen a drastic change in 2022, especially as Google and Facebook have updated their advertising platforms to cater to new technologies. Here are 10 PPC trends you have to embrace to stay a step ahead of your peers.

PPC Automation

Google has automated many aspects of the PPC algorithms using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). With the help of automation, many labor-intensive tasks like ad testing, identifying the best ad, and the best call to action can be automated. Besides this, automation has helped in identifying performance issues within an account and helping in generating ad reports automatically.

Smart Bidding

Bidding for ads is now automated with the help of machine learning. So now we have Enhanced Cost per Click (CPC), Target Cost per Acquisition (CPA), and Target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Bidding for ad placements would become more automated and ‘smart’ as technology evolves in 2022 and beyond. Manual bidding will eventually become a thing of the past!

Amazon’s foray into paid advertising

For many novices, there is always the dilemma about choosing between Facebook and Google ads. Now, Amazon has entered the fray. Amazon has one virtue that both Google and Facebook do not have- buyer intent. People visit Amazon to buy something, which makes the ad even more lucrative. On the other hand, Google and Facebook display ads are based on the customers’ browsing behavior, likes, location, and other demographics.

In 2022, Digital Marketing Services would add Amazon’s paid marketing service alongside Google ads and Facebook ads.

Social Media advertising trends

With many people checking their social media feed daily, advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn makes for a worthy investment. Though Facebook and Google still dominate the PPC advertising market, advertising on other platforms too is not far behind.

Audience Targeting

The biggest benefit of PPC advertising is audience targeting. Though this is an established feature, both Google and Facebook have enhanced the audience targeting for their ads. With these latest improvements, you can use demographic targeting and keyword targeting to create and publish extremely relevant ads.

Bumper video ads

In 2022, video content would dominate the market. Videos are a great way to increase business reach, increase aesthetic appeal and deliver your messages at a relatively low cost.

YouTube has recently introduced ‘bumper ads’ which are shorter, 90-second ads that play at various places based on machine learning algorithms. Many marketers are even using virtual reality to provide ‘real’ experiences in video ads.

Voice search

Voice search assistants like Google Home, Alexa Dot, and Siri have revolutionized the way we look up things. These assistants now have a more than 50% share of all online searches. This has led to the development of paid voice search advertising. Though it isn’t that popular now, it has a lot of potential for advertisers to prepare content that’ll use voice search well.

Visual Search

Similar to voice search, it is now possible to search for something online by clicking a photo of the object or searching for any image on the internet. With visual search, people can get results for their queries faster than typing a description of the image. For instance, you can click a photo of a blue vase and look it up online rather than typing ‘monocolored plain blue vase’ in the search bar.

While visual search is relatively new, digital marketers are getting ready to embrace this new technology. To start with, each image posted on the website now comes with metadata for easier crawling. Visual search is now being used not only by Google but also by social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others.


In its simplest form, remarketing is when you track and display ads to those who have seen them. These can be people who might have interacted with the ad wherever they have seen it. Remarketing is a great way to target those who have shown interest but are delaying their purchasing decisions.

Though Remarketing has been around for quite some time, technological advances mean they will be even more effective in 2022.

Collaborative filtering

To make it easier for marketers to target the right audience, search engines and social media platforms segregate users based on their tastes and preferences. If Tom and Marley are interested in the same hobbies, Google would club them together for marketers to target. This is done based on age, interests, hobbies, locations, and much more.

Google even knows when you are traveling, based on the IP address of your device. For instance, if you are going to France from the US, Google will send you to Google.co.fr when you reach France.

This helps you tailor your content to specific audiences. Google and Facebook are using advanced versions of collaborative filtering to target the right audience.

In the end

Pay Per Click marketing is a dynamic, ever-changing marketing medium that allows marketers to target the right audience at the right time and right place. Digital marketing trends are continuously evolving, making use of advanced technologies to create adverts that help convert. It doesn’t matter whether you search for PPC Services in USA or PPC Services in Canada, you will get paid (and organic) results that are most relevant to your requirements.